A guide to getting to know ggplot2 visualization in R from zero — Line Graph

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In my previous post, 7-day Challenge — Mastering Ggplot2: Day 1 — Bar Chart, I shared my experience to graph a decent bar chart with some core elements. I’ll continue to share my Line Chart learning experience with you in this article today.

What I want to deliver to you…

Getting started with a highly versatile function

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What is Lambda Function

An anonymous function is a function without a name. In Python, an anonymous function is determined using lambda keyword. It is because lambda functions do not require a name when it is defined, unlike regular functions. Instead of using def keyword, we use lambda keyword to construct a function. …

Fetching data is much simpler with a line of code using Wikipedia API

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In my previous post 5 Interesting Python Libraries That You Might Have Missed, I talked about 5 underestimated Python Libraries that I had rarely heard about, one of which is Wikipedia API. As I did some more reading into this library, I figured out that this is way cooler than…

Quick but detailed cheat sheet for those who want to convert their SQL code to its equivalent command in Python!

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Learning something from scratch has never been an easy task. One of the reasons was that we don’t know what we don’t know. The same went for me when I first learned Python. I was frustrated with its logic, syntaxes, etc, because it was so difficult to memorize those. In…

Transforming data helps you play with your dataset, make sense of it, and gather as many insights as you can.

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In order to summarize main characteristics, spot anomalies, and visualize information, you should know how to rearrange and transform datasets. In other words, transforming data helps you play with your dataset, make sense of it, and gather as many insights as you can. …

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